Southernmost Illinois is the home of my talented artists. Check out the art galleries on the page below. Be sure to also check the event calendar regularly for different arts shows across the region!


Take a walk down the Makanda boardwalk and find one-of-a-kind treasures made by a variety of local artists. Stroll down Murphysboro main street and you’re guaranteed to stumble across locally owned and operated craft shops filled with beautifully handcrafted home decor and more!


Allen Stuck approaches each piece as a sculpture who creates pieces from an assortment of materials. Rubies, topaz, and moonstones are used in creating some of his pieces along with extravagant silver and gold designs.


Since its founding in 1987 as Carbondale Community Arts, Artspace 304 has nurtured generations of artists and creators. We exist as a cultural space for all of Southern Illinois and reflect the vibrancy of our many communities.


Dave Dardis aka “The Rainmaker” Is a skilled artist who’s studio and garden is located on the Makanda Boardwalk.  Working mainly with copper in its various forms as a medium,  I capture nature in its raw form.


Heartland Roots is a Unique little shop in the heart of Murphysboro! We are a very eclectic shop with lots to offer from Farmhouse tables, custom furniture and decor, Women and Children’s clothing, candles, custom vinyl work, custom wood work, and so much more. 


Quality art by a wide variety of local talent in the Southern Illinois region. You’re guaranteed to find something for any occasion from our eclectic collection and you’ll be supporting local artists. 


Cruise through the lush forests around the Ohio river and celebrate creativity of 4 counties in the Eastern Region of Southern Illinois. 

Ella Elizabeth Hise
Museum of Regional Art

The Ella Elizabeth Hise Museum of Regional Art was made possible by a wonderful gift from William C. Hise and his late brother, James C. Hise, in honor of their sister, Ella, who was a teacher and art supervisor in the Harrisburg Public schools for many years.  The Museum’s mission is:  To honor Ella Elizabeth Hise and foster an appreciation for visual arts works, exhibits, programs, and cultural partnerships that celebrate southern Illinois and the surrounding region.

276 Art Exchange

276 Art Exchange sells fine arts and heritage crafts made by local artisans. Customers can purchase high-quality works of art, hand-made heritage crafts, local literature, locally-made food products, and other items unique to Southern Illinois.

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