Superman Sites

Metropolis, the home of Superman, is one of the most intriguing towns in Southernmost Illinois. From statues to museums and photo ops, see all of the exciting attractions below!

Ferry St, next to Harrah’s Casino
Americana Hollywood Museum & Gift Store
An amazing tribute to America’s most famous Hollywood icons, features life-size figure, wardrobes, costumes, movie props, posters, dolls, statues and rare celebrity collectibles. Open 7 days a week 9am to 6pm. Admission charged for museum, gift shop admission is free.
Third and Ferry St.
What’s green, comes from outer space and is dangerous to Superman? No, not a mutant space toad, but the element Kryptonite. A large Krytonite meteorite is located on the southwest corner of Third and Ferry Streets.
8th and Market Streets
Noell Neill "Lois Lane" Statue
A near life-size statue of Ms. Neill, who portrayed Lois Lane in the television’s Adventures of Superman, is located just two blocks north of her guardian super hero at 8th and Market.
111 E. Fifth St.
Metropolis Planet
It’s not the Daily Planet, but its the real-life weekly newspaper for Metropolis. See the Planet globe outside and collect a Clark Kent or Lois Lane business card from a real-life reporter.
Metropolis Superman Celebration and Super Con
607 Market St.
Metropolis Chamber of Commerce
Visitors to the Metropolis Chamber of Commerce will see Superman memorabilia and photos of the days when Metropolis, Illinois first became the “Official Home of Superman.”
Superman Cut-Outs
Hardly a day goes by in Metropolis when someone doesn’t have their picture made behind a cut-out of Superman or Lois Lane. They can be found at several stores and businesses around town. Strike a pose and say cheese.
Superman Square; 517 Market St
Super Museum
The Super Museum houses thousands of items related to the Mythical Caped Hero from the Big Green Planet. The museum is filled with a $2.5 million collection spanning 60 years. Admission charged for museum, gift shop admission is free.
Superman Sq./Market St. & 5th St
Superman Statue
This famous 15-foot bronze figure overlooks the uptown area of the city and replaced the original statue in 1993, Visitors enjoy having photos made with this famed “Man of Steel.” Free admission.