friends logo brn boxedWhen French Voyageurs first came upon the umber waters of the Cache more than 200 years ago, they named the river with the French word for “hidden” – and, indeed, the Cache River is still a hidden treasure today. One could easily spend a lifetime exploring and discovering the natural wonders of these woods and wetlands. But, if you only have a weekend, or even a few hours, the CACHE RIVER AUTO TOUR is designed to showcase the area’s highlights and whet your appetite for a return visit!
A detailed map features 12 stops that represent some of the best the Cache has to offer. Site descriptions written by nature authors Michael Jeffords and Susan Post, based on their many years of personal exploration, provide a wealth of information about the unique plants, animals, insects, landscape features and seasonal sights and sounds to be experienced at each stop. Suggested itineraries are provided, depending on how much time you have to spend and the level of activity desired.

Free copies of the CACHE RIVER AUTO TOUR map and brochure are now available at the Cache River Wetlands Center and the Cypress Creek National Wildlife Refuge Office.

Download CACHE RIVER AUTOTOUR brochure