Southern Illinois Wineries and VineyardsWineries

The state’s original five wineries have blossomed to nearly ten times that number, with nearly fifty wineries producing their own special craft. Find wineries throughout Southernmost Illinois and two different wine trails.

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Orchards in Southern IllinoisOrchards

Southernmost Illinois is home to abundant orchards offering fresh fruits and produce nearly year round. Peaches, apples and strawberries are just a few of the succulent offerings these orchards offer.

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Farm Markets

April through October stop by one of the various farmer’s markets found in Southernmost Illinois. Enjoy fresh, local produce, crafts and entertainment, good for the whole family.

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U-Pick and Agritourism

Find locations in Southernmost Illinois that offer U-Pick opportunities like strawberries, blueberries, peppers and more. Agritourism information also listed here.

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Superman Sites

Metropolis is home to a number of sites celebrating the famed Superman. Visit a 15 foot statue and have your picture taken with this “Man of Steel.” Most locations offer free admission.

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Casino Action

Enjoy state-of-the-art games including over 1,100 slots and 25 table games. You will also find exquisite fine dining in one of four casino restaurants. A 258-room hotel is also available

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Southernmost Illinois is the proud home to a number of breweries. They offer a wide variety of different beers for your enjoyment. Some locations also offer food.

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Ohio River Attractions

Portions of Southernmost Illinois run along the beautiful Ohio River. Check out the attractions available along the river. You can also visit the Ohio River Scenic Byway, or View The Map.

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