Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage

Riverview Mansion Bed and Breakfast in Metropolis is now offering Cinderella Pumpkin Carriage tours.  Metropolis, Illinois is an olde community dating back to the French Colonial Era of the early 1700s.  Fort Massac State Park includes the French star fort from 1737 alongside an 1802 wooden stockade fort, plus First Peoples artifacts a thousand years old and more. The Market Street, Ferry Street and Metropolis Street areas feature many striking homes and businesses from the post-bellum period and the Roaring Twenties.  A 110 year old rail road bridge is clearly visible from the Mansion as the track spans the Ohio River.  Metropolis also features the timeless Man of Steel, 15 feet of red-blue-and yellow glory!  Whether it is for the two of you, or the six of you, the staff at Riverview Mansion are eager to share some of the town’s wonders and architectural history as you enjoy a ride in our horseless, Cinderella Pumpkin carriage.