Dining Events at the Table @ Tanglefoot Ranch

Tanglefoot Ranch is well-known for freshwater prawns, being the first Illinois prawns farm. The idea for farming freshwater prawns sprung up as a means to keep Illinois farmers on their struggling family farms. Tanglefoot Ranch owner Grover web explained “I want to come up with some valuable ideas and information for my friends and neighbors.” Seventeen years later, what started as bringing folks out to tour the innovative prawn operation has blossomed into Farm to Fork dinners on the state’s original prawns farm, Tanglefoot Ranch.

Tanglefoot Ranch owner Grover Webb has a passion for sharing his life’s work with others. He wants to share his knowledge and inspire others. He loves to show people where their food comes from and he believed feeding folks on the farm would be something pretty memorable so he went to work on a dining facility.

People who visit Tanglefoot Ranch really enjoy seeing the shrimp ponds, the shrimp harvests, the produce grown in the high tunnel, the pastured cattle, the peach orchard and the beautiful Southern Illinois countryside. With our dining room construction finished, folks can now savor some of the flavors of beautiful Southern Illinois during our Farm Dinners at Tanglefoot Ranch. 

This year they are expanding their farm tour offerings to the public via ticketed public farm dinner events. Advanced reservations and payments are required as the events are very exclusive. Our facility is also available for private party bookings when we do not have farm dinners scheduled here in beautiful Southern Illinois!